Sunday, April 20, 2008

Recent News

Well, loyal readers or what I think I have as loyal readers... I am responding after what has been a hiatus. This whole mindswapping issue has provided me with a series of questions that in time can be perhaps explained.

For at the moment one thing matters to me more than the others. Oddly enough, the video below is more for an amusing side than for the real meaning that SG:A and Hall and Oates implied.

Hope you don't take offense to that.

I finished healing after having a dangerous training session with the new recruit. He's a laser trooper as well. We share a suite. So far, he's alright. We had a small party last night with some Greenshirts and Lifeline. I'm glad to see that Red Spot is coming along on his own. Hopefully he can see himself with his own crew of friends and not need me to be his all the time.

Looking forward for another trip to a diner. Hope you are too.


Red Spot said...


I don't try to hang out with you because I want to be friends. I am just stuck with you for the time being.

And, I thought you were not interested in women? At least ones from Earth.

Seymour Fine said...

True Believers, will Sci-Fi avoid kicking his suitemate's ass? Or will he finally go crazy!

Red next week's issue of the Sensational Sci-Fi!

Scarlett said...

Yes, I definately think a new Hand to Hand Class should be started.... I'll see if I can get you both assigned to it. Give you an outlet for all that agression....