Thursday, April 24, 2008

Surreal Reality

I won the war for the galaxy but lost the home planet. While this reference is lost to most, I will elaborate. The whole issue with the mindswap has been resolved. Or so it would seem. But that's not where winning the galaxy comes in. Instead, winning the galaxy refers to something of more important. Perhaps I shall start with that to make this more easily for understanding. And then I will try to explain the rest provided I have time. Or one can understand and see through my riddles.

Something that has always always been in a liquid state inside of me has finally thawed out and rather quickly. Perhaps I have been too reluctant to grant it a chance. Fear? Yes; from failing. I have always been a social astronaut. Now, though, it seems I have broken that phobia for someone. And I do not wish to disappoint her. Much like any superhero, there is always a 'her' as for a motivation. This time it is more than just idle curiousity. It just happens to be the battlefield. But this battlefield, for this Joe will not involve blood or pain. All I can say right now is that things are about to get more interesting as I have plans to continue this as it has became my most pressing mission in life.

I had plans for a surprise dinner but after finding Spike in our Infirmary, reality flickered for a minute... forcing me to realize that everyday has its own way of keeping things in check. You see, Spike is my best friend and basically a brother. Due to his mind having been switched with Motormaster, a Decepticon transformer from what I understand. Due to what happened to their bodies during the mindswap, poor Spike has to get adjusted to his body. I hope that is just the case Lifeline is acting as his doctor.

I spent the night, off-duty, perched on base. 10 hours of standing there watching the base to make sure everything is as it should be. For now, I cannot rest. There is so much to protect. And one thing needs to finish being mapped out for a personal project. I think I have it finished. Just a matter of how these actions go through.

And with that... all my base are to belong to you.

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