Monday, April 28, 2008

Rings of Saturn

Michael's slightly annoyed with me for not getting medical help from my most recent encounter with Over Kill. Oddly enough when I explained half of the reasons why I can because I was too busy doing something he suggested, he wanted to help me. I've been working securing one of the rings of Saturn.

Scientific not possible? Well, what if it was not a physical ring and not the reference I am saying. I've finally decided to advance myself. I have everything all planned out. Michael, despite his jealousy of me at times has been loyal to helping me take care of everything. In fact, together we worked on installing a lockbox under neither my engine to secure the project's most vital parts...

Scarlett is starting to get on my case since I am acting awkward but I'm surprised. I've always been awkward. So what is different? She almost forced me into telling her things but alas, no one forces me into a boner.
Michael has secured the last times I need for this. I have to personally pick up these items. I'm pleased to have friends like so. It makes life worth living. Tomorrow, I will go out for a road trip and pick up the wine bottles that he suggested.

I hope the riddles keep it hidden.