Wednesday, March 5, 2008

A Disturbed Genesis

The video below is remind me of too much that is going on as of late. The whole part about the governments and militaries being puppets... I can relate to that with no problem right now.

Perhaps we all are puppets for a higher being? Or perhaps it will take one of us to be brave enough to step forward and help lead the masses to rebel and change things for the best. 

If anyone knows, I've been working with an enemy who seems to be the victim of being a puppet themselves. 

And before I change that, I must figure out how to fix this mind swapping works. Clearly there has to be something I am over looking hence why I have yet to solve it...


Scarlett said...


Who is she? I know this is not a real response to your blog, but I have to know.


Seymour Fine said...

Who is who? What a vague question for such an intense comment, Red.

Would I
Really tell
I only
Think about